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Whether you're craving private mentorship through our high-touch, one-to-one coaching packages, seeking alignment within a vibrant community dedicated to nourishing the mind-body connection, aiming to enhance your team's well-being and productivity with our dynamic workshops, or in need of that extra dose of motivation and inspiration at your next event – we are dedicated to exceeding your expectations.

Always a collaborative approach

Our Services

Ready to turn confusion into clarity? Hesitation into bold confidence? Whether you're venturing into a new career path, launching your own business, or simply seeking a happier, healthier life with increased stability and freedom - cultivating a resilient mindset is essential.

My personalized one-on-one programs are designed to equip you with the education, tools and practices necessary to shift from feeling uncertain and overwhelmed to being driven, motivated and excited!

Private Coaching Programs

Work with me 1:1

1:1 Intensive Coaching (12 or 24 weeks)

  • Transformation in multiple areas of life
  • Highly intimate and personalized experience
  • Live weekly coaching and voice coaching support
  • Accountability check-ins
  • Comprehensive goal setting, action planning and follow up through an individually crafted program tailor made for you

I’m walking alongside you every step of the way.

Mindset Mastery Bundle (4 weeks)

  • Transformation in one area of life
  • Live weekly coaching and voice coaching support
  • Structured support with two personalized coaching sessions, one NLP breakthrough session and one goal setting session

I show you the ropes and you put your action plan to work.


Starting at $1,997 to $5,997

Our Framework

PHASE 1 – Identification

In the primary phase of working together, we seek to understand. Through onboarding, assessments, discussions, awareness building activities and questioning - we gain clarity together and narrow in on your priorities. We uncover areas of resistance, limiting beliefs, behavioural patterns or reoccurring themes which are impacting your life.

the backbone to getting you the results you desire

PHASE 2 – The Reset

Phase two focuses on enhanced education on reframing, reprogramming, repatterning and rewiring. We bridge the gap between your subconscious and conscious mind to support new intentional and habitual thought patterns, behaviours, actions, and outcomes. Engaging in growth-oriented activities magnifies the facilitation of new neural pathways to support resilience, confidence, and a complete shift in your mindset.

PHASE 3 – Integration

Phase three introduces and solidifies the use of modalities, embodiment practises, techniques and tools to manage, master and regulate your mind, body, emotions, thoughts and nervous system. We seek to adapt, resolve and primarily accelerate. New beliefs systems, solutions, resources, and mindset practises are moving you out of inaction, indecision and fear and into inspired action, while feeling boldly transformed.

PHASE 4 – Optimization

In the final phase, we refine and recalibrate to ensure desired outcomes & goals are met and limiting beliefs are shed and replaced. Think feedback, tweaks, adjustments, and self-coaching techniques, as well as future goal setting and planning. We don’t leave you hanging. We set you up for further success.

  • Help you to identify and assess what roadblocks are standing in your way
  • Organize and prioritize all of the clutter in your mind
  • Re-pattern, neutralize and rewire any of those unconscious or conscious thoughts that are resulting in resistance to change
  • Teach and educate you on how to better align your mind and body so that awareness and action reign over thought spirals, emotional uproar and feeling frozen in fear
  • Build new routines, thought patterns and ways of thinking to support your elevation and growth
  • Accelerate and fast track in your ability to make new decisions from a place of confidence, ease and peace
  • RESOLVE any and all inner conflicts relating to the area of life you’re feeling challenged in

how I will support you

My signature coaching framework

What’s included?

This program is heavily focused on addressing the connection between your nervous system, body, beliefs and programming – from a scientific backed lens.

The goal is to give you the education and tools you need to show up with conviction, WITHOUT having stress, overwhelm, fear, worry and anxiety drive every decision you make and every move you take.

Chronic to Controlled Mastermind (8 weeks)

Group Coaching Program

  • Transformation, guidance and mentorship in managing feelings, situations or disruptions in your life and embodying new ways of handling stuck states through exploring topics such as:
    stress management techniques, nervous system regulation strategies, emotional mastery, logical levels of transformation, heart-centered habits, routines + more
  • High touch, close knit community setting
  • Weekly facilitation / education calls
  • Weekly hot seat Q&A
  • Group voice coaching support 

The next cohort of this mastermind will be in the Spring of 2025. Enrolment is closed at this time. Please join our email list to receive details regarding joining the wait list.



Looking to boost your team's mental health and well-being while equipping them with empowering tools and resources? Our expert facilitated workshops cover everything from EFT Tapping for emotional release to mindful communication and relationship building, learning style exploration, nervous system regulation rituals, and productivity optimization. Get ready to supercharge your team's success with our customized, high-impact workshops.

Packaged pricing available. 
Please inquire for more information.

Corporate Wellness Sessions

Whether you’re looking for a dynamic speaker for an upcoming conference, seminar or summit - Brittany aims to inspire, motivate, educate and transform. Attendees will walk away with their own personal ‘ah-ha’ and break through moments, as well as practical takeaways to help them shift their perspective and rewire thought patterns to break free from the constant challenges in our face paced world.

Sample themes include: well-being and productivity, living a passion fueled and purpose drive life, modalities to support your mental health, overcoming chronic health traumas, mastering your version of success, creating a work/life balance, resiliency and overcoming adversity, navigating uncertainty, stress and burn out.

Speaking Engagements

Book Brittany for your next speaking event!

Laura, Owner and Registered Physical Therapist
Whitby, ON, Canada

Brittany facilitated a fantastic workshop for my team. She was able to personalize the session to our needs and everyone had great takeaways. She is a gem!

I am so grateful for the impact Britt has had on my life. Our journey together was marked by insightful conversations and thought-provoking exercises in a safe and supportive space. Our chats were often more like conversations with a friend.

Kelly, Life Coach
Troy, NY, United States

For me, it’s not just about goals; it’s about having someone who cares and Britt does. She has a genuine passion for helping others.

Brittany was patient, inquisitive, supportive and motivating. We dove into those feelings, determined my personal values, worked through why I was feeling unfulfilled and she supported me through leaving a job that just wasn't matching who I was and what I had to offer to the world. Little did I know that this was the catalyst for a complete career change, which I don't think I would have decided on if it wasn't for my work with Brittany.

Evelyn Bray, Professional Photographer
Toronto, ON, Canada

Working with Brittany was one of the best investments in myself I could have made. 

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